Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

     Hooray for long weekends and time to relax and read.  I was inspired this weekend to read some graphic novels because I noticed this year how some of my most reluctant readers in class really were interested in the ones I have for the classroom.  The title talk on Twitter this weekend was focused on graphic novels as well and I now have even more ideas for titles to look for.  

 In this graphic novel the protagonist feels different from others and her parents are concerned about her.  As the story unfolds we find out that she has some interesting powers and there is some science fiction involved in her story.  Can she escape the men following her and survive another day?  Read and find out in this graphic novel.  There is quite a bit of violence and a hint of mature content, but I would recommend this book for teens and adults alike.  It was a quick and entertaining read.

     I love the Artemis Fowl series and was not sure I liked the idea of it being made into a graphic novel a few years back.  It took me  a long time to pick this book up and give it a chance.  If you are a fan of the books, you will not be disappointed.  I like the way that this book was adapted and I could see this being a great way to get someone reading the series.  The book obviously has more character development but this is a great way to get people interested in knowing more about the characters.

     I had not heard of this book before, but the cover art on the graphic novel really caught my eye.  This graphic novel was excellent and I really enjoyed the story.  I am definitely going to seek out the novel now.  In this graphic novel the protagonist Kieren is a half-blood werewolf.  He has a good friend that he ends up hurting by mistake and lives in fear of accidentally hurting her again.  Some crimes start to happen in the city and the cops start to question Kieren based on circumstantial evidence.    He also has to deal with the fact that he will be leaving soon to live with the wolf pack and learn about their ways, but how do you tell your best friend/love that you are leaving?  I was really intrigued by this story and can't wait to read the series.

    It has been awhile since I read an installment of the House of Night series.  I really liked the first few books in the series, but after awhile I started to be a bit annoyed with some of the decisions that Zoey was making.  I also have had a hard time suspending my disbelief in the last few books and entering the story.  This book started out the same for me.  I found myself wondering why I had decided to come back to this series and what I really liked about it.  At about chapter 5 that changed for me.  I don't know what exactly changed...maybe it is Stevie Ray's dilemma...but the book grabbed me.  I ended up staying up until the wee hours to finish the book because I was so intrigued with what was happening.  This is not something I do often anymore.  I would recommend this series to my students for sure and for any adults that really like young adult novels.  For some adults the plot and the thinking of the characters will be too sophomoric and they will not enjoy the books.  If you are a fan of Zoey Redbird, this book is worth your time...I just hope that good and Nyx will win the battle against Neferet sometime soon.  

     The last book I read this weekend was Reckless by Cornelia Funke.  I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Cornelia Funke.  I think the Inkheart trilogy is one of my absolute favorite series and I love the way that she brings a reader into an imaginary world that feels so enchanted but real at the same time.  When I saw this book at the Scholastic warehouse sale I was intrigued not just by the cover art but by the fact that this was another book by Funke.  In this book Jacob Reckless has been going through the mirror in his father's study for years and retreating more and more into the realm beyond.  He starts out looking for his father who has disappeared and ends up spending more and more time in the mirror world and less time with his brother Will and his mom.  Until one day when Will follows him into the other realm and gets attacked.  Now there is a sickness taking over Will's body and Jacob must figure out how to stop it.  Cornelia Funke weaves together elements from fairy tales and creates this world in which treasure hunters seek the glass slipper and gumdrops from enchanted witch houses.  I was fascinated with this imaginary world and could not put this book down.  Lucky for me, it is also written at an easier reading level so the pages flew by.  I would recommend this book to any reader who knows what it might be like to do anything to help save a sibling or any person you love.  

      Lastly, I just wanted to mention the fact that I will be participating in the book a day challenge this summer and posting my updates on Goodreads and Twitter.  I counted 76 days of summer and will be trying to reach that number of books this summer as well. (Good thing I have a big list of graphic novels to add to my to read pile) My book a day challenge begins on June 14th, 2012 and ends August 30th, 2012.  Wish me luck!!!  

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