Saturday, January 10, 2015

Celebrate This Week 1/10

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This week was all about the temperatures outside. Our entire week was below zero and wind chill advisories. My biggest celebration this week is the extra two days off I got from the cold weather. I was happy that my district chose to close because the extremely low temperatures are so dangerous for the low-income students who don't have appropriate outerwear.  Also, the other days this week were so low in attendance that it was pretty hard to do anything that I had planned. 

I had an awful headache and am now pretty sure I have a sinus infection. I was so glad for the days off to rest and recuperate without having to make sub plans. 

I also want to celebrate the new year and the reflection time that comes with this time of year. I had a great time writing my blog post about my favorite reads of 2014. I am looking forward to another great year. 

My 2015 resolutions:

  • Continue to lose weight using the digital tools from Weight Watchers and my Fitbit. My ultimate goal is to lose 60 pounds. 
  • Read one classic novel each month. 
  • Get organized with my budget and set financial goals that I am working towards. 
  • Continue to read voraciously without getting too obsessed with it. 
  • Take at least 10 minutes each night to reflect on my day in writing. 
  • Write at least 1000 words each week.

What do you have to celebrate? I would love to hear from you in the comments and I hope you have a fabulous week!


  1. I really like your 1000 word a week writing goal, Andrea. I often set writing goals that are specific to one project and I end up not following through and getting discouraged. An overall word count goal might be much more positive and productive for me. Hope your temps get higher soon. Our weather has been all over the place--9 degrees yesterday, 40 today. Hard to dress for that weather!

  2. I too like that word count goal, never thought to do a count. Perhaps I can translate it into so many poems written and/or revised? Sorry the week was weather driven, & then your sinus infection, Ugh-not good. Hope it ALL clears up. Best wishes in the losing weight & other resolutions, too, Andrea. New Years always inspires me to make new starts!

  3. Snow days always feel like a gift. Sounds like yours came at a perfect time for you.

  4. Love the idea to reflect each night in writing!!

  5. You have set some pretty big goals for this year. Good luck! Hope you are feeling better. I could have used a day off this week. Difficult to go back to a full week.