Saturday, January 11, 2014

Celebration 1/11

                                               Discover. Play. Build.
This is a fabulous idea from Ruth Ayres in which we write about something to celebrate each Saturday. I am looking forward to participating in this link up each week and hearing about the awesome things happening in everyone's classrooms and lives.

It was SO HARD to get back in the swing of things this week.  We only had a 3 day week, since we had school cancelled for Monday and Tuesday because of the extreme cold.  On Friday, I overheard two conversations that reminded me why I do this job.

First, there was the conversation at lockers:

The two girls were talking about the pile of books Girl 2 has in her locker and her excitement about a book she is looking forward to.

Girl 1: "I thought you didn't like reading."
Girl 2: "I didn't, but now we're in this class and Mrs. Payan reads all the time and it's just different."

I love the way this conversation reinforced the importance of the teacher who reads and the way that influences attitudes.

Later that morning I overheard another student:

"When you have a book that you are really interested in it is so hard to stop reading.  I sit down to just read for 15 minutes and the next thing you know it has been hours."

This student had no interest in reading at the beginning of the school year.  Over winter break she ordered multiple books and came back to school super excited about reading.  The Dead and The Buried by Kim Harrington was her book.  Now, she is recommending books and influencing her friends in a positive way to get them reading.  This conversation was an attempt to explain to her friend how she needs to find a book so that the daily required reading is easy to do.

I am going to this event starting on Thursday:

This will be the fourth time I go to the Key West Literary Seminar with my mother.  We have not gone every year, but it is a wonderful event that we enjoy together.  This will be the second time that my sister will also be there with us.  It is even more exciting because my sister is bringing my niece.  I love this literary seminar because it is a weekend full of authors speaking and panel discussions.  It is also full of receptions and multiple opportunities to talk to authors in a more informal setting.  This year, the theme is right up my alley.  I am so looking forward to being in beautiful Key West with my family and enjoying this awesome event.  Judy Blume is on the board of this event and is always there.  Maybe this year I will be brave enough to approach her.  I usually fangirl from afar.

What do you have to celebrate this week?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Love that you shared those comments, Andrea. What a gift you are giving those students! And, hope you'll share more about your time with family at the seminar! It sounds wonderful! Have an awesome time!

  2. It is so rewarding as a teacher to hear those comments. And when you start getting students to recommend books...aah that is music to our ears!

  3. To see students grow in love with reading makes a teacher's heart dance. To go to a literary seminar with mom and sis - sounds like a dream to me. Have fun!

  4. Great post! I'm glad you're not only telling your students to read but set a great example.

  5. Love those comments you overheard from your students. There's nothing I like more than seeing students fall in love with reading!

  6. Andrea,
    What great snippets of conversation you shared. You make me celebrate the way a passion for reading is contagious. Lucky students you have. Enjoy your event -- I'm so jealous!
    Shine on,