Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want to Live In (1/28)

I am joining in on this weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week there is a different top ten list topic and a bunch of bloggers weighing in.  Head on over there to see more of the great blogs participating.

This week's list is full of great books that I loved reading.  All of these books have amazing characters who work to survive against the greatest of odds.  Many of these worlds started out seeming not-so-bad but any time spent there would reveal the awful circumstances in which the citizens find themselves. All of these places were great worlds to visit for a while, but I am super happy I do not live in these places.  In no particular order, my picks are as follows:

1. Divergent : I would never want to be sorted like the people are in this world.  I think variety is what makes us all interesting.

2. Legend: A world in which there are multiple plagues killing off poor citizens and a military state that rewards the rich? No, thanks!

3. The Hunger Games: No explanation needed here.

4. Rot and Ruin: Umm, Zombies.

5. The Knife of Never Letting Go: Despicable people that do despicable things.  Noise that doesn't stop and a crazy man chasing you.

6. The House of the Scorpion: The world in which Matt lives is a hostile world ruled by a drug lord.  The inhumane treatment of clones makes the world that much more awful.

7. The Giver: A world with no color in which every adult takes a pill to suppress their urges...not cool!

8. Ready Player One: I just keep thinking about those mobile home parks with towers of RVs.  I hope things never get that crowded.  Also, a world in which entering a virtual reality is the choice that many people make to escape their reality does not sound like a fun world to me.

9. Super Sad True Love Story: This is a depressing look at what the future may hold for us.  It is a tale of commercialism taking over the world and a place in which everyone is dependent upon their tablets for everything.  Much of the book was really close to home and I really hope we aren't living in this world in 20 years.

10. Delirium: A world in which love is viewed as a disease is just not a world I want to live in.
I would love to hear your thoughts!  Please share in the comments below.  

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  1. Niiiiice list! Delirium is a great choice...I debated that one for mine, but I figured it would show up on a lot of lists!
    Super Sad True Love Story sounds interesting! The way people are attached to their devices now, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what it's like in 20 years. It makes me think of Wall-E and how the people are so oblivious to one another!