Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebrate July 19th

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I had lunch with a friend on Tuesday.  It was nice to catch up with her and to talk a little bit about ideas for next school year with her.  She is going to be teaching at a different school this fall and I will miss her greatly.

I FINALLY got my hair cut.  It has been a long while since the last cut and color.  I was way overdue for the haircut.  Although the stylist left my hair a little too short, I am happy to have hair that I can do something with instead of crazy frizzed-out tangles.

My husband and I went on a tour of the SC Johnson headquarters in Racine, WI.  This is just a 40 minute drive from home and I had never been there.  This summer, they opened up the research tower to the public for the first time in fifty years.  It does not exactly follow fire codes so they had to get special permission to allow tours of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed facility.  Both the research tower and the administration building were fabulous examples of his amazingly forward-thinking architecture.  We almost didn't go on Wednesday, but we were both glad that we forced our lazy butts out of the house and went on this tour.  I don't have many pictures because the most interesting things were inside the buildings and pictures were prohibited there.

I did a lot of reading and writing this week.  I read some amazing books and I am so happy to have the time to really savor some great literature.  I also am working on making writing a daily habit.

I went to an inservice on Friday.  It was very difficult to get out of bed to go there.  However, I am so happy about the fact that we will be using Infinite Campus this year.  The information system we were using was such a dinosaur that the company didn't provide support for it anymore! My district was waiting for Wisconsin to decide what the statewide system would be before purchasing a new one.  It was so nice to work with a system that actually makes sense and will work with our standards-based grading.  It will also be great to be using a web-based system.  With our old dinosaur system, we had to log into a VPN server from home, if we could get it to work.  Report cards and grade book entry will be sooooo much smoother!

My husband and I took the dog up to the beer garden in our park this week.  My dog is really embarrassing to take anywhere because she wants to meet everyone and is very vocal about it.  She cries and cries.  We figured out that the way to get her to be quiet was to have some food on the table.  That way, her intense energy is all focused on begging. Getting the dog to be quiet was a thing to celebrate.

After we were done eating, the dog went behind me to eye up the table back there where they were eating and feeding a baby.  She definitely saw that this could be a good situation for a dog.  At one point, she got extra excited and I looked to see what was happening.  The baby was making faces at my dog and waving to her.  It was so cute to see the dog and the baby excited about each other.  The mother of the baby brought her over and it was so fun to see my dog interacting with her.  She did such a good job.  It was one of those hallmark moments that you wish you could record. 

I started watching and catching up on this season of So You Think You Can Dance.  It is so cool to see how these young people are so talented and have such good stories.

What do you have to celebrate this week?  I would love to hear from you in the comments!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. So fun to see how you solved the dog problem. I love seeing others' dogs, but our cat doesn't like them one bit. Our neighbors have a new labradoodle, and I'm in love. Glad you're getting a new web-based system. It's always nice to get something that streamlines our work! So impressed that you are working on writing daily. Yeah for your fun field trip!

  2. My son and I are totally obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance! We are enjoying the new season very much. It's amazing to me how much more I have to write about when I write more often. I have a dailyish habit going right now too--hope I can hold onto it when school starts! Loved the pix of your dog!

  3. Such a variety of celebrations! Haircut, Frank Lloyd Wright (he is amazing!), quality time with your husband and dog, and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!! I love that show. So much so, in fact, that one year my husband got us tickets to their tour as an anniversary gift. I don't think it is like just watching tv; it is a cultural experience!