Saturday, September 20, 2014

Celebrate 9/20

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This week I am celebrating...

HUGS---I love hugs. I love that fourth graders are not too cool for hugs. I love the fact that one of my students came running back to the classroom on Friday to give me a hug before she left.

WAVES---I love the fact that my former students, those middle schoolers that are too cool for hugs, knock on the window on their way past my room at dismissal so that they can wave to me.

STUDENT COUNCIL---I gave out applications and received so many back from the middle school students. We will have a good group of students again this year. I am so excited to get started with them.

DOTS--We celebrated International Dot Day on Monday. My students were so creative with their dots. I will post a picture once I have the display up in the hallway.

READING---The one thing that is absolutely up and running in my classroom is reading workshop. We have already finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and will be starting The One and Only Ivan on Monday. We have learned about Metacognition and have worked up to 30 minutes of stamina in independent reading. I got to conference with my students this week and loved the first round of conversations.

COMMUNICATION---I am using ClassDojo this year. I got my technology handouts out to parents and at least half of them have signed up for accounts on this website. I love that there is a messenger right in the ClassDojo website. I got multiple messages this week from parents and I know that this will be an excellent communication piece.

DOGS---My dog has been especially cuddly the last two days. I was busier than usual this week and she missed those extra hours that she usually gets with me. It is so nice to have such doggie love.

LIBRARIES---I went to the 10 cent used book sale today at our Central library. I bought about 40 books and spent less than $5. I am thrilled to add these books to my class library. I love the fact that our library does these sales.

What do you have to celebrate today? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. What wonderful celebrations!

    It is neat that your library has a sale! Wow!

    I loved being home all day today. <3

  2. You have a wonderful long list. The waves, hugs, dots and dogs have sweet playful spirit.

  3. It is an amazing part of our teacher lives to be surrounded by hugs and waves! SO much joyful acknowledge of what we mean to our students. A lovely list of celebrations to cherish this week.

  4. Hugs and waves, dots and dogs, reading and talking - so many wonderful things to celebrate! Sounds like you had a great week. :-)

  5. I am so impressed with your book purchasing at the library sale! That must feel so great.

  6. I love those library book sales. They were a major source for my media center books. I loved celebrating all the successes and the hugs and waves too when I worked in my school library. Your celebration brought back a lot of great memories.

    Mary-andering Creatively