Saturday, December 27, 2014


Since I missed last week, I am adding some of the celebrations from the week before winter break to this blog post. Some of them were too good to miss out on.

Last week, we made ornaments for the students to take home. I have a class full of students who celebrate Christmas so we had fun with holiday crafts. I appreciate these years, because when I have students who don't celebrate, we don't celebrate in the classroom either. I was so happy with how cute the ornaments turned out.  And their elves were so fun too.

When we got to the end of Because of Mr. Terupt, there was an explanation of what it means to "loop" in school. There was a small chorus of, "can we do that?" that made my heart sing. I love it that my students love to be in my class and want to continue to be in my class.

Christmas celebrations with family were very nice this week.

Our plans for some projects in the house are underway and looking good.

I hope you all are finding a lot of things to celebrate in this joyful season.

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. How wonderful your kiddos want to loop! Says a lot about your classroom. Happy Holidays to you Andrea!