Saturday, December 13, 2014

Celebrate 12/13

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My poor deserted and lonely blog. I have been super busy with the grade level switch and consequently really exhausted at times when I usually would have blogged. As we approach the holidays, things are even more hectic and I felt the need to search for some positive this week. I am so thankful for this community of bloggers that I know will be forgiving and welcome me back with open arms.

My Celebrations:

  • Scholastic Warehouse sale. Need I say more?  
  • We started an "Elf Yourself" project on Friday and I am so excited to see the cute elves that my students will make. I also showed them the ornament project that we will do next week and I was happy to see their positive reaction. I can't wait to do that project either. This is the kind of thing I had missed about working with fourth graders. 
  • We are almost finished with Because of Mr. Terupt as our read aloud. Students are really hanging on every word at this point. I love making students excited about excellent literature. 
  • We focused on Questioning this week and read Flotsam and Tuesday by David Wiesner. My students loved this experience of reading the wordless books. So much curiosity abounds with each of these fascinating books. We really were able to see that as a reader you might have questions before, during, and after reading. 
  • We went to see a production of The Wizard of Oz at a local theater company that partners with my school. It was a fabulous rendition of this excellent story! We are now working on writing a fractured version of the tale that we will work into a show and perform in February. I brought in the Kindles this week and my students were super excited to use them to start reading the book. 
  • I introduced Storybird to my students and they have been writing like crazy. I love that website! 
  • I have a luncheon to go to on Sunday with a bunch of local bloggers/teachers/authors. The hostess searches young adult fiction for ideas for recipes and then puts together a delicious buffet of literature-inspired food. We also have a book swap and usually get a couple ARCs as well. I am so excited. It is always a great time! 
  • I lost 10 pounds in the last month using Weight Watchers digital tools. I need to lose a lot more, but I am proud of the progress so far. 
  • Last, but not least, my husband and I decided to put up a Christmas tree this year. We don't always do so because a lot of years we are traveling to Spain to see his family. We aren't going this year and we decided to dig out the decorations. I forgot how many cute decorations I have. It is filling my house with Joy right now and I love it.  

What do you have to celebrate? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. I was surprised to see your comment, Andrea, so great to hear from you and about all you're doing! I just saw "Mr. Terrupt" on the library shelf the other day, & remembered how much we all loved that book. Glad to hear it's still getting some book love. I'm glad that you are enjoying your class, but know that change is time consuming. Hope the vacation gives you a much needed break! Enjoy the tree; I just put mine up yesterday.

  2. So fun to hear from you this week. I love Mr. Terupt. Congrats on losing 10 lbs - I'm just home from an early WW class that I didn't want to attend. But now I'm fired up again and ready to make some worthy choices this week! You have so much going on - I must check out Storybird. Someone mentioned it at NCTE. Have a blissful week and keep enjoying that tree.

  3. Great celebrations! You could have stopped at Scholastic Warehouse Sale and we would have understood but I'm glad there were plenty more with lots of creativity around!

  4. I was so happy to see your name in the link-up today! I have missed your blog. But I definitely understand about time and--even more--energy. I have the time to blog on Thursdays and Fridays but rarely the energy, even when I have a good idea. Wonderful celebrations this week. I am so glad you mentioned Because of Mr Terupt. My son and I just finished our latest read-aloud and I'm searching for something he will like. Might try that one. Love to hear that your students enjoyed the wordless picture books. I love introducing students to the pleasures of wordless books!

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog. You have so many things to celebrate. I am sitting by my Christmas tree as I write. I am glad you put a tree up this year. We put ours on a spinning stand so I just stare at it as it spins and get taken back in time when the ornaments present themselves from years past. Have a wonderful holiday!