Saturday, June 13, 2015

Celebrate 6/13

It's Saturday and that means it is time to reflect on the week and celebrate things both big and small. Join our community and celebrate this week by linking up or just stopping by the host Ruth Ayres' blog to read others' celebrations.
This week I celebrate the end of the school year...

A number of students who, when given choice time during our last week of school, asked "can we do another research poster?"

A student who has come out of her shell in a big way during the last few weeks. She is painfully shy (to the point of having her friends come ask me things instead of asking for herself). During the last three weeks, I have heard her voice loud and clear more often than during the entire rest of the school year. She has been coming to me, without her friends, to ask for things. Also, this young lady actually asked to present a second research poster in front of the whole class. I was so surprised and so excited to see her progress!

A trip to the bowling alley and the exuberant fun had by all.

A set of report cards finished and a classroom that is halfway to the cleaned up state it needs to be in for summer.

A lot of laughs and silly moments enjoying some free time during the last few days.

An insightful student. On a reflection survey I asked students to tell what my strengths were. One student wrote "calming down." I was really surprised by this, but he is absolutely right. I can be really angry and losing it one minute and then I take a few deep breaths and calm myself and continue on in a balanced and patient way. (I hope to work on a blog post this week to talk more about the reflection survey)

A very busy calendar for the next week which includes two conferences that I am super excited about! I wish I had a time-turner like Hermione has in Harry Potter so that I could get to all the sessions I want to attend! I am so very excited for All-Write and the all-star power line-up there. Summer Spark is also going to be amazing. I will learn to Teach Like a Pirate, gamify my classroom, and do all sorts of innovative things. I need to find a special notebook for all the amazing ideas I know I will get.


  1. I'm happy to hear about your student who found her voice. She will carry that into summer, and be steps ahead next year, Andrea. Excited to see you at All-Write. I always try to find a new notebook to bring too.Glad you had a really great week, bowling and all!

  2. Rich week behind and an exciting one ahead. You are in a great spot. You'll be swimming in the pool of inspiration. Enjoy every second.