Saturday, June 6, 2015

Celebrate 6/6

It's Saturday and that means it is time to reflect on the week and celebrate things both big and small. Join our community and celebrate this week by linking up or just stopping by the host Ruth Ayres' blog to read others' celebrations.

Every week is full of celebrations if you just look for them. Here are my celebrations from this week:

  • A new responsibility at school of keeping up our web presence. I have wanted to take this over for a long time, but did not want to step on the toes of the person who was responsible. So, when he asked for someone to take over the job, I jumped at the opportunity. It is overwhelming to think of the work involved in getting the website updated, but I am really excited about the opportunity to be able to share great resources with our families. 
  • My DonorsChoose project was funded in less than a week. I am excited to receive some great STEM materials next fall to beef up my Science instruction. I also will have some great tools for exploration and a small Makerspace in my classroom. Yeah for people who are generous in donating to classrooms! 
  • Some good things happening for my husband...can't elaborate yet.
  • Measurements being done for a possible kitchen renovation. Still in the planning stages, but I can see the possibilities! 
  • Given time to choose what they would like to work on, a number of my students chose to do another research poster. I love seeing the drive that some of them have. 
  • The harmonious nature of our board game time on Fridays. It took all year to get to the point where students don't abuse this time, but the last month of Fridays have been glorious. I love having fun with my students. 
What do you have to celebrate this week? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. Harmonious Friday game days - definitely something to celebrate. Have fun planning your kitchen redo. We just finished ours this winter. Have fun with your new assignment.

  2. I'm out of school, but I totally understand getting Fridays to run smoothly. Exciting things both professionally and personally are happening for you.

  3. Great celebrations this week - especially the new position of maintaing your website. How exciting!

  4. Hooray for Donors Choose and new kitchens!! I love Donors Choose and have had great luck with them in the past. I can relate to the excitement of renovating. We just renovated our sun room. Now it is my favorite space in the house. I would love to have an updated kitchen. I may steal this board game idea for next Friday. :-)

  5. Sounds like LOTS and LOTS of fun wonderful thing happening in your life. Congrats on the new STEM materials.

  6. Congratulations on your new endeavor at school! I'm sure you will do a great job. During our last weeks at school, I also celebrated my students' ability to enjoy board games the way they were supposed to be played. So many kids these days have no idea how to play a board game....YAY to us for keeping this tradition alive! :))

  7. It sounds like a week overflowing with celebrations. :)