Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebration 10/26

Discover. Play. Build.

This is a fabulous idea from Ruth Ayres in which we write about something to celebrate each Saturday. I am looking forward to participating in this link up each week and hearing about the awesome things happening in everyone's classrooms and lives.

Last year, one of the best instructional decisions I made was to participate in NaNoWriMo with my 8th grade classes.  We all loved the experience and I knew it was something I wanted to do again.  This year, I knew I needed to give my students a little more time for pre-writing in order to feel a bit more prepared for the experience.

We have spent a few weeks working through some of the pages in our NaNoWriMo Middle School Workbooks to get ideas going.  I love the vibe that is already going in my writing classes...students are already excited about their stories.

This week we spent a few days really thinking about protagonists, antagonists, conflict, and plot.  It is so amazing to see students so enthusiastic about writing.

I received my classroom kit and am waiting for one more classroom kit that I hope is on the way...we are ready for crazy noveling days.

It isn't too late to decide to participate in NaNoWriMo this November.  Get more information on the Young Writer's Program website here.

The reading community is thriving in my classroom.  I am so happy to overhear conversations that students are having about books.  When I ask students what their plans are for the next book to read, many times their plans have to do with a book someone else is reading and has recommended.  I love having a group of students who have dug into the reading challenge with both heels and are becoming voracious readers. The best thing this year is that most of my readers are able to come up with a plan for their next read without my help...I love this!  Of course, I am always ready and able to bring students a book I think they will love (or a stack of books as it usually goes), but I love that they are able to do this on their own...a real sign of a Reader.

This week I brought The Fault in Our Stars to school for one of my students who was ready for her next read.  The next morning, when students were supposed to be doing math practice in the classroom before going to gym class, she begged me to read instead.  This book has grabbed her heart and I cannot wait to talk to her at the end about how this book has changed her.

What do you have to celebrate this week?  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wonderful to hear about your readers and writers. I'm so impressed that you do NaNoWriMo with them all. That's quite a commitment! Hope you'll write more about how you all are doing!

  2. Sounds like your classes are full of celebration with all the reading and writing happening. You must be so proud!