Saturday, October 12, 2013

Celebrations 10/12 (1)

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Welcome to my first CELEBRATE Link-Up post.  This is a fabulous idea from Ruth Ayres in which we write about something to celebrate each Saturday.  I am looking forward to participating in this link up each week and hearing about the awesome things happening in everyone's classrooms.

I have a lot to celebrate in my reading workshop:
  • Every single one of my 8th grade students has a book that they are enjoying!
  • In a conference a student spontaneously mentioned that the strategy we are focusing on is helping him to stay with the story.  
  • Another student celebrated the fact that she was on page 100 of the book she is reading.  She mentioned that she doesn't usually get past page 5. 
  • When I announced on Thursday that we were just going to read for the entire time, multiple students cheered.  
  • I was able to sit down with my book and read with my students the whole reading workshop.  
  • My students are reminding me to read aloud because they are so interested in the book.  I love the opportunity to teach a little bit about other parts of the world and about animals.  We are reading Endangered by Eliot Schrefer 
  • I can offer my students even more titles to read because my Donors Choose project was funded. I purchased 3 Kindles so that I could share the Kindle titles I own with my students.  
  • Students in my other Language Arts classes are noticing the books I have and requesting to borrow titles. 
What do you have to celebrate this week?  Please share in the comments or link-up on Ruth's blog.


  1. Andrea --
    What a great little list that adds up to a BIG deal. You are doing powerful work in your corner of the world -- first connecting kids to book and then giving them support and strategies is sticking with the books and learning to think in ways that help them understand the world and themselves better. Thanks for joining the celebration. I can't wait to read more.

  2. Wow! Sounds like there is a whole lot of reading going on in your corner of the world! That is definitely something to celebrate!

  3. I love hearing from you and your students about your reading workshop. Keep reading and celebrating!

  4. Sounds like awesome things are happening with reading in your class! I LOVED Endangered!

  5. It seems that the reading world in your class is going very well, Andrea! I loved Endangered, full of excitement and information too! Nice to celebrate it all!

  6. Each kid likes what they are reading - bra o to you! How exciting to bless books and have kids want to read.