Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Top Ten Childhood Favorites (Top Ten Rewind) 2/25

I am joining in on this weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week there is a different top ten list topic and a bunch of bloggers weighing in. Head on over there to see more of the great blogs participating.

This week the topic is a rewind to any topic that you might have missed.  Since I only started participating this year, there were many topics for me to choose from that I missed out on. The one that stood out the most was Childhood Favorites.  I have always been a voracious reader and have many fond memories which include books.  I thought I would share my top ten favorite reads from my childhood.

I had many of these silly poems memorized and my copy of this book was beat up and well-loved.  Shel Silverstein was a hero in my eyes and I adored his poetry.  The Giving Tree is also one of my favorite stories.

My grandmother and I read these stories every time I was over at her house for many years.  It became a sort of ritual and I loved that I had this book that was just ours.  It seemed to me when I was younger that no one else had really ever heard of this book so the stories seemed like our own private treasures.  

Anne Shirley was another character that my grandmother and I both adored.  We read the books and enjoyed the PBS movies every year during the telethon.  I devoured the entire series and re-read many of them multiple times.

Once I read Little House in the Big Woods and discovered that Laura Ingalls Wilder had lived in Wisconsin, I was hooked on this series.  I remember soaking in the knowledge about how people lived in wagon trains and as pioneers.  It was so far from my experience and it made me feel so adventurous to read all about it.

I have a signed copy of this one from when I was ten years old.  We didn't go to many author events, but my mother knew that this one would be one to remember for me.  I had read all the Fudge books and was a solid fan of Judy Blume.  I stood in a long line to get my copy of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret signed.  When I finally got to the front of the line, Judy Blume asked if I was sure my mom said it was okay for me to read this book.  She thought I was a little young for the book.  I got the book anyway and absolutely loved it.  I think I must have read this book ten times during those early pre-teen years.

I was blown away by this book.  I followed it with every book by Madeline L'Engle that I could put my hands on.  Her stories were so scientific, but also so spiritual.  I loved them.

What list of childhood favorites would be complete without a Dr. Seuss book?  The Butter Battle Book was always my favorite one.  I love the story and the lesson in it about war.

I don't even actually remember why this book was one I remembered so much.  I just remember the beautiful story.  E.B. White is another one of those authors who wrote so many books that I loved.  Another one of my favorites is Charlotte's Web.

I think my love of mysteries actually started with this book.  Ellen Raskin is a Wisconsin author and I loved learning that when I was younger.  This is such a fun book with so many clues and twists.  I absolutely loved it as a kid and sought it out for my students once I was a teacher.

I had such feels with this book.  I couldn't believe how tragic it was.  I think this was the first time that I really thought about how not everyone has a happy ever after.  I was so affected by this book.  Along this same line, there was a book called The Island on Bird Street that my teacher read aloud and I had a difficult time listening to it.  Also, a book called The Wave by Todd Strasser was such a good book for helping to understand how propaganda makes it possible for radical ideas to catch on.

Series that were important to me:

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