Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebrate 3/1

This is a fabulous idea from Ruth Ayres in which we write about something to celebrate each Saturday. I love participating in this link up each week and hearing about the awesome things happening in everyone's classrooms and lives.

This week I am celebrating family.  

My sister and brother-in-law and niece are staying with us for two nights.  It was so fun to see my dog and the baby interacting.  My sister has a dog so the baby was not scared at all.  My dog is full of energy, but also extremely intelligent and she got gentle quite quickly.  I am hoping we can take some pictures of these interactions today.  One of the cutest things was when the baby was on the floor crawling.  She started bouncing while on her hands and knees and the dog got down into the play position in response.  So cute!  

This week I did a procedure and will cross all my fingers and toes that my husband and I will have some luck with this one.  I don't want to give too much information, but I could use some positive vibes as we wait and hope that it worked.  

As always, I am also celebrating bookish things. 

We are doing book clubs in class.  This week went much smoother than last week.  That is my celebration.  I am choosing to focus on the positive while we work our way through the book club meetings.  It is quite an adventure...partly because some students are so into their independent reading books that it is hard for them to also read their book club books.  

There continues to be so much book buzz in my classroom.  I am so thankful for that.  It can be challenging to get adolescents to read.  I am thankful for the success that I have in getting that to happen and in getting most of them to like reading as well.  

Lastly, I am celebrating writing.  

Today starts the Slice of Life challenge.  I will be participating in that challenge on my other blog Payan Ponders, which I started last year for the challenge.  It just became too cumbersome to have the slices here.  If you want more information about this challenge, you can find it on the Two Writing Teachers blog.

What do you have to celebrate this week?  I would love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on book clubs - they are always challenging to set up worth it when you sit in on an authentic and thoughtful discussion. I agree it's hard for them to "slow down" to discuss! I loved the description of the dog and baby interacting! I will be checking out the Slice of Life challenge posts this month as well - it might inspire me to join! Thanks for sharing and am sending you positive vibes that things will unfold as you and your husband are hoping.

  2. Book clubs are a LOT of work - but worth it. My kids switch to just reading their book club books at this time - too much for them to juggle.