Saturday, August 2, 2014

Celebrate 8/2

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This week was full of celebrations, big and small.

On Monday, we went to the art museum with my mom.  We all wanted to see the Kandinsky exhibition that is currently at the museum.  The exhibit was really well done and the audio guide had just the right amount of information. Also, they have now made it free admission to all K-12 educators in Wisconsin.  I love our Milwaukee Art Museum!

Then, we walked through downtown Milwaukee to go to Cubanitas for lunch.  We had a perfect lunch of Cuban sandwiches and plaintain chips with guacamole.  Of course, we also had a nice mojito.

Thursday was my birthday. I had a nice relaxing day and some fun treats.  For lunch, we went to one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.  Then, I went to Starbucks for an afternoon fancy coffee drink treat.  Then, we went out to dinner at the Brazilian steakhouse in town.  They had a crazy good deal on Groupon and I was happy we could have a nice dinner for a good price.  The food was so good!

The best part of my birthday celebration was The Phantom of the Opera.  When I heard that the tour was going to be here over my birthday, I immediately got tickets.  It was fun to take my husband to see this show.  I LOVE Phantom and I was happy to experience the new pyrotechnics that were added to the show.  There is something magical about that dramatic Phantom music being played in a theater with an orchestra.  It wasn't the best performance I have seen of this musical, but I still enjoyed sharing the experience with my husband.

Wednesday, I enjoyed going to the annual sale at The Learning Shop, which is a local teacher resource store.  It is so much fun to share this part of the anticipation of setting up my classroom and getting ready for the school year with my husband.  I wasn't just dragging him around the store looking at my stuff, he was wandering around looking for his own stuff.  Although this is a little dangerous for our wallets, it is so fun!

Lastly, I worked again to make writing a priority this week.  I missed a couple days, but I definitely am developing much more of a habit.  I started drafting another incarnation of the novel that I have drifting around in my head.  The narrator who emerged in this draft surprised me, but it feels right so now I will play with this version to see what comes out.  I also experimented with writing in the present tense, which was challenging, but felt right as well.  We shall see where it goes, but I am celebrating the seed that might grow into something good.

What do you have to celebrate this week? I would love to hear from you in the comments.


  1. I love when " The narrator who emerged in this draft surprised me, but it feels right so now I will play with this version to see what comes out. " that happens in your writing. A constant reminder to me to keep the pencil to paper or keys to the keyboard.

  2. Good for you for making writing a priority this week! I love the format of your post- it's colorful and interesting to look at and read.

  3. My comment seems to have disappeared rather than published so will try again. Apologies if it ends up showing up twice! Sounds like you had a wonderful week. I love the Milwaukee Art Museum too--and how exciting to get to see the Kandinsky exhibit. (You've read Noisy Paint Box, right?) It feels good to prioritize writing--and also to experience those surprises that happen when we're actually doing the writing. You just can't plan for what happens. Happy birthday!

  4. All the activities sound great, Andrea. We have a kind of "learning shop" here too & it's awesome to see all the materials available. Happy belated Birthday. Glad it was filled with such wonderful things-food and theater!

  5. Fun times! Best of luck with your writing! Your post made me hungry for Cuban sandwiches and plantains!

  6. Such a fun week in Milwaukee! We have spent a lot of time there these past few weeks ourselves and also enjoyed the Kandinsky exhibit at the MAM. Happy birthday too!

    Sweet Writing Life
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  7. What a fabulous bday celebration! Time to relax, enjoy some treats, delicious food, and a play. Kudos for making your writing a priority this week?. Is that a Dale Chihuly glass installation in the Milwaukee Art Museum? Happy birthday!

  8. What a great week of celebrations and Happy Birthday to you too. Everything you did sounds fun and relaxing and I love that something new came out of your writing. That is exciting.

  9. What a lovely birthday week. I think that art and opera make it glamorous. I am impressed that you didn't have just festive activities but also made time for writing. Happy Birthday!