Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 8/25

Well, I officially have to be back at work tomorrow. Where did the summer go? Last week was a busy chaos of unpacking and sorting and cleaning in my new classroom.  I went in to school every morning and I feel like things are looking pretty good at this point.  Of course, there are still multiple pages of to-do lists to take care of, but what needs doing will get done.

Books I Finished This Week:

I finally finished listening to The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.  I absolutely loved this book and was really pleased with the way the trilogy ended.  I would highly recommend this series.

I really have enjoyed each of the books I have read in the Hangman's Daughter series.  This one had a great plot line and plenty of suspense.  If you like mysteries and historical fiction, this is a great series to try.  I recommend it for adults.

Many thanks again to Linda Baie who hosted a giveaway which I won.  The prize was this fun book by Varian Johnson.  I loved The Great Greene Heist. I highly recommend this one to grades 4 and up.

I re-read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.  Her books are so fun.  I am seriously considering this one for a first read aloud this school year, so I read it again to remember it.  Although this one is not as deep as many of the other books on my list, I think it would be fun to get some students hooked on Blume's books.  Fudge is my favorite character from when I was a kid.

The Inside Guide to the Reading-Writing Classroom, Grades 3-6: Strategies for Extraordinary Teaching by Leslie Blauman is another great professional book about teaching a reading/writing workshop.  I was intrigued with the mentions that I have seen lately of the "book lovers book" in many articles.  I ordered this book because I was curious about it. I really love the ideas that Blauman gives in this book and will be implementing some of the great lessons this fall.

Books I Am Currently Reading:

I am reading In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson.  I am also reading The Rosie Project and listening to Enchanted by Alethea Kontis.

What's Next?

I have no idea what will be next. There will be less time for reading in the next few weeks so I will have to see how I feel.


  1. I loved the Infernal Devices series. I enjoyed it more than TMI. I have the final book in that series at home, but have not dared to start it. The Rosie Project is so cute! Have a great first day! ~Megan

  2. Glad to know that Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing holds up! I should reread it. The Great Greene Heist has been at the top of my TBR all summer and I just haven't gotten to it. So many books! Hope you have a wonderful first week!

  3. Andrea, I'm glad you liked The Great Greene Heist-I thought it was fun, too. I can't remember, are you moving to 4th grade? The Judy Blume book(s) will be wonderful for them. And they may know very few. You're reading some books I've not heard of, so thank for them. I'll keep them in mind for recommending! Have a terrific week!

  4. Always loved Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Was thinking about that book series this week after reading The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher.

  5. Have you read Absolutely, Almost? Read it this summer and loved it!
    My old team (6th grade) just emailed me wanting suggestions for a 6th grade read aloud, female main character that addresses a social issue. I'm currently reading Nest & wondering about it. Anything come to mind?

    1. The book that comes to mind for me is Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. It is historical fiction but could be related to race relations in the USA.

  6. Hi there Andrea, my 12 year old daughter and I read Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade nothing when she was in fourth-grade. It's hilarious and makes for such a great read-aloud. :) Judy Blume captures the voice of these kids so beautifully - and it transcends generations. :)

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