Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Positive Vibes (Slice 12 of 31)

This post is a part of the Slice of Life challenge which is hosted on the Two Writing Teachers blog.  The month of March the challenge is to write a blog post a day.

Top Ten Reasons I feel awesome today:

1.  My lesson about the short story "The Lady and the Tiger" by Frank Stockton rocked today because of the pre-reading strategies I used yesterday.  The students were totally loving the story and excited about the fact that they got to choose the ending.

2.  Seeing the DVD of The Outsiders sitting on my desk, my students were totally excited about the possibility of watching this movie.  We just finished reading the book and I am planning to watch the movie and have them analyze the way the director and actors interpreted the book.  I can't wait to have them do this to evaluate their integration of knowledge and ideas.

3.  Then we talked about how the pile of Romeo and Juliet was sitting on the table waiting for us.  I had multiple students SUPER EXCITED about reading this play. I LOVE this!  Holy cow, where did these readers come from?  Oh yeah, I have been using the unprogram this year...

4.  This week I started to use the idea of "sacred writing time" from Corbett Harrison on The Writing Fix website.  I bought his bingo cards and handed out the March one and told students they could write about what they wanted to write about or a topic from the card.  Almost all of my students were writing!

5.  We started a unit about symmetry today.  The students feel confident about this concept.  I loved the positive vibes about the math unit.

6.  I started my Technology Study Hall after school today which will include both a book club group and a creative writing group.  We had a lot of fun together!

7.  I got a bunch of literature group sets of books today.  There was a grant last year that the school ordered books with and we had not had this set of books yet.  I am so excited to have this awesome set of books to choose from for literature circles.  

8.  I went to my favorite beer bar tonight and talked to one of my fav bartenders.  He suggested one of the best beers I have had lately.  YUM!!!

9.  I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant tonight.  They all know us there and we have a great time. Such good food for dinner!  

10.  The best is that I saw one of my students at the restaurant and she went out of her way to say hello.  I love that I am a teacher that most students like to say hello to outside of school.  I love that my students know that I am a person and that I don't live at school.  

I had a great day today and I am excited to have another great day tomorrow!  


  1. What a great way to celebrate an awesome day. I am totally going to have to research the sacred writing time you referenced. Thanks for sharing your successes with the blogosphere!

  2. I love the Top 10 list. So many good things to celebrate. I haven't taught "The Lady and the Tiger" in quite a while, but I remember my students loving it.

  3. Sweet! We all need days like this, right? So glad you had a day to feel amazing.

  4. You don't live at school?! MindBlown :)
    My 2 questions are: (1) What literature circle books did you get, and (2) What beer did you have?! :)

    1. 1. The grant was big so there are a lot of titles. I didn't get to pick them out but there are great titles...there are about 20 sets of 6 books each. (Night, The Great Fire, Tom Sawyer, Stargirl, Anne Frank, Into the Air are some titles I can think of off the top of my head) 2. First round of beer was a Bell's beer--belgian strong but I can't remember the name of it. Second round was called Peruvian Morning Stout by Central Waters brewery in Wisconsin. AMAZING beer!