Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break Cold (Slice 29 of 31)

This post is a part of the Slice of Life challenge which is hosted on the Two Writing Teachers blog.  The month of March the challenge is to write a blog post a day.

It never fails.  The first day of vacation from school and I am wrapped up in a blanket, with a box of tissues, and miserably coughing up a lung.  This particular cold was hovering for the last two weeks but did not erupt into explicit symptoms and misery until the last day before Spring Break.

I think that my body and mind conspire against me sometimes.  Although I am glad I do not have to work and can rest at home, I would much rather be completely healthy and enjoying the day.  My body always seems to know when I have time off and that is when I get sick. Not having to miss work is definitely something I am glad about, and my mind must make it a priority.  Is it possible to be that in control of your own body's reactions to germs and contagion?  Who knows?  Science is a mystery, right?

I hope this cold goes quickly and I can feel better for most of my break.  For now, I at least have an excuse for being lazy and reading all day.  I intend to do a Spring Break bookaday and get through a big stack of books.


  1. I think we push ourselves to the limit and only get sick when time allows. It stinks you are not feeling well on your time off. Try to get well and enjoy your lapse into books.

  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I always get a cold over Christmas vacation.

  3. I hope your break refreshes you and your books are wonderful.